This website is a collection of imagery of the many places around the world that I have traveled over the past 3 years. I have strong feelings of inspiration from this collection. I hope these photo's inspire you as they have me. All of the photo's are taken with a Canon Mark II 5D. I use various lenses ranging from 16mm to 200mm.

All of the photo's are printed on a large format kodak printer on high-gloss photo paper. The photos are then laminated to a thin clear acrylic sheet and framed. The intended dimension of each photo with frame is 84"x60" so the viewer feels as if they are looking at the complete view thru a window. The frame is sturdily constructed and surfaced with kinon. Kinon surfacing like my photo's is of my creation and used worldwide by top designers which adds an extra element of elegance and style to the finished work.

There is a very large selection of kinon materials so I have selected a few which I feel compliment the overall tones and feel of the photographs. Custom frames are available upon request and at additional cost.